Cracking open five of the best open source easter eggs

A number of humorous yet undocumented features are hiding beneath the
surface of some of the most popular open source software applications.
Although easter eggs are generally easy to spot when you can look at an
application’s source code, there are a few that aren’t widely known.

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
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Very good link !! Its nice to see some Easter Holiday Season Spirit.

I note G0NZ0, swerdna, and Knurpht have been up to dressing up their avatars! I’m not so sure how many users noticed. lol!

@oldcpu: Bad earsight?

@malcolmlewis: cheers

lol ! lol! It comes with old age :slight_smile: … everything (both sound and vision (and one’s ears)) starts to fade. rotfl!

Anyone ever noticed zypper easter-egg? :slight_smile:

zypper moo

Haha! Great find. Thanks, that really brightened up my day. :slight_smile: