cpufreq works but no effect on battery life

I installed laptop-mode and set the batter profile as powersave, with appropriate min and max frequency settings. I can see that the frequency does scale down but it has no effect on battery life or heating. I get at least 25% less battery life than with windows. In fact, even with linux, I used to get better results when powersave was being used (it is deprecated now). Even setting the radeon to ‘low’ doesn’t help much to conserve battery.

Laptop has AMD phenom II N660 3 ghz dual core processor.

I see no apps running and CPU utilization is very low.

maybe the following will help -

running powertop with no other apps (besides a KDE desktop logged on) reveals that cs_dbs_timer and tick_sched_timer
are running and generating events when nothing else is going on. cs_dbs_timer generated 50+ events/sec so I feel that the processor is not going into low power mode at all, even if the frequency is minimum.

It is kernel desktop 4.0.5 from tumbleweed.

The same was for me yesterday. I have installed latest Tumbleweed but after installation I realized that the cpu freq doesn’t scale at all.
My fan was always on and the laptop was always hot. This is not the case for openSUSE 13.2 which I used before.
Wondering if some bug submitting is needed for SUSE kernel developers…