cpufreq governor set to powersave, no settings in PowerDevil

I recently noticed that my Laptop started lagging. Investigating a bit further I found that the cpufreq governor was set to “powersave”. Changing this to “performance” fixes the problem, obviously.

However, there used to be a setting in KDE for that. So you could, e.g. use “powersave” when running on battery and “performance” when running on AC. This settings seems to be gone. Also, after a reboot the cpufreq governor is reset to “powersave”.

OK, I could fix that by inserting “cpupower frequency-set -g performance” into my /etc/rc.d/boot.local. But this is a workaround, there used to be an “official” and user-friendly way to do this.

Where have all these settings gone and why is the default “powersave”? I mean, someone who just installs openSUSE will see: Linux is slow. And there’s no obvious way to change this (even if there was: A unexperienced user probably wouldn’t think of the CPU frequency scaling, he may even know that such a thing exists).

If you are using Intel p-state “powersave” should be as good as “ondemand” which was used previously.

If you run cpupower frequency-info you can see the driver used.

Here it is:

**alpha:~ #** cpupower frequency-info
analyzing CPU 0:
  driver: intel_pstate