CPU stays at high clockspeed, will not throttle

Leap 42.2
Intel i7 4790K

Recently, I have noticed that my CPU clockspeed stays unusually high, above 4.3 GHz, even when CPU load is near 0. The normal, maximum speed of the i7 4790K is 4 GHz, so something is triggering it to run in “turbo” mode.

I was recently working on getting BOINC to run correctly and thought it was the problem. But even after killing the BOINC client, CPU clockspeed stays above 4.3 GHz.

How can I determine what is causing the CPU to run at this speed?

It’s due to intel pstate for the cpu governor…

See this thread: http://forums.opensuse.org/showthread.php?t=521878

I would not have thought to search for another thread with this same, strange issue …