CPU Speed and Load during no activities?


I’m using Open SUSE 11.1 with Gnome interface. I would like to know why the CPU speed and why the CPU load goes to maximum when the computer is without activity during some minute.

It looks like something is running? Someone have an idea?


use top. .

lots of stuff is running in the background…all the time…

open a terminal and type in top and hit enter…watch it for a
while it will show you what is going on…

read about cron, OpenSUSE Updater, beagle and others…

btw, i’d kill (disable) the beagle if i were you, it is a resource
hog!! use the forum search page to find how, it is easy…


Beagle is set to index files when the computer is idle. Have a look in Menu → More Applications → System → Search Settings → Searching: and change the settings from automatic. Just to see if the load on the CPU drops off.

Beagle only indexes when the computer is idle (or that’s the plan at any rate) so disabling it doesn’t make sense (unless the indexing function causes personal stress due to lack of understanding).

Ok, thank you very much,

The CPU activities in IDLE mode was induced by the indexation.

If you set Beagle to run when the computer is idle, you should see after it catches up, that it rests and doesn’t appear to intrude on your resources.

I used to uninstall Beagle in the early days because it was resource hungry. Now it seems to behave as the developers wanted and only come in after I’ve finished (computer=idle) and then shut off when it’s indexed the few extra pages I generated.