CPU scheduler isn't aware of AMD Turbo Core

My 8 core interlagos opteron CPU has four modules of two cores each, when a core reaches max pstate it turbos the CPU frequency on the module however the scheduler isn’t aware of this and instead of putting processes on the module’s other core it will put another process on an entirely different module causing excess power consumption and sub optimal performance due to never reaching Turbo 2 “Half Core Turbo” (because 4 processes use 4 cores on 4 modules instead of 4 cores on 2 modules)

Haven’t been tweaking anything in the BIOS for the CPU?

I wonder if you need to look at the acpi_cpufreq p-state driver and tweak the acpi_pstate_strict value.

systool -vm acpi_cpufreq

So this was working before on an earlier openSUSE release?

This is a kernel scheduler issue, not anything else.

As I said AMD Turbo Core increases frequency per module not per core, so the scheduler needs to put two threads on one module (two cores per module) rather than just randomly placing them on a core that isn’t in use like it is doing at the moment.

Turbo 2 works per say, it is just that threads aren’t aligned properly so I can’t make best use of my CPU - and reduce power consumption as cores are clocked up when they don’t have to be.

I do not know as I just got my CPU, and I can’t run “Leap” as the packages are way too old.