CPU overheating cured

Just an FYI:
The widget for “hardware temperature settings” (openSuse 11.4) was showing a high reading for all three measurements, over 200 F. Nothing unusual otherwise. Opening the desktop cabinet I could see that the CPU fan was running as was the fan in the power supply. To get a better look, I moved some of the power cables, whereupon the CPU fan speeded up. Apparently a wire was pressing against the hub of the fan, slowing it. Since the wire wasn’t on the blades there was no characteristic sound. As soon as the fan was free, two of the temperatures dropped to under 100 F and the third dropped to 116 F.
Stay cool.

Yes, I have had such a problem before. Its worse on small custom cases and even on a few small store bought units. It is why your best course of action is better cable management. Once you got everything working, why not tie up the wires in bundles using tie wraps and when possible, tie those bundles off to the case and out of the air stream? Its not always easy, but does contribute to better cooling. And don’t forget to blow out all heat sinks and fans one or two times a year as dust build up can also contribute to over heating. Thanks for your comments konsultor.

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