CPU going into Hyper Drive

I obtained an HP Intel dual core machine. Using Windows and SuSE 10.3 dual boot is no problem. I also have VMware installed to run some Win Progs inside Linux. (some progs I just can’t break from :shame:) With this feature, VMware, I can also test out new versions of SuSE before destroying my system and installing the latest. In testing SuSE 11.0 I have found that my CPU gets highly exercised. This new PC has a temperature controlled fan on the CPU. When it gets put to work it, the fan, gets loud. So I can “hear” my CPU getting hotter. One of the items is a Screen Saver, Substrate. When I have it displayed in just the little example window the Processor goes into overdrive. It does not do this on SuSE 10.3. Has anyone else experienced anything similar to this OR does anyone have any comments on the apparent increase of work for the CPU in version 11.0???

Never mind and I am embarrassed to have posted this. Don’t know why the fan is kicking in but lmsensors and vmstat do not show anything bad. Looks like just another day in the park. Sorry for wasting space and time.

> I am embarrassed

don’t feel too bad…
anyway, perhaps there is some tweaking you can do to quieten the
machine some and still not overly heat your CPU…

see caveat below and THEN find the kpowersave icon in the lower
right hand corner and see if you can configure a quieter box…

see caveat: http://tinyurl.com/6aagco
DenverD (Linux Counter 282315) via NNTP, Thunderbird, KDE
3.5.7, SUSE Linux 10.3, #1 SMP i686 athlon

The loudness is not the problem. It is the apparent increase in work load and temperature that has me troubled. I have been upgrading SuSE since version 6.2. I like the system and the layouts or I did until this latest one. My main concern in the latest version is with it possibly over working my CPU. Could be the new kernel or could be SuSE… not sure how to tell. However, in my latest adventures my concerns were diminished when I used lmsensors and vmstat to check my system whilst the “problem” was being experienced. They seem to indicate that there is not a problem. I don’t want to quiet the system cause when the fan kicks in I know it is working and I want to be aware of that. If it doesn’t quit working hard then I will have to find out why. Most of the time it will quiet down and return to a peaceful mode. I was just experiencing more “hyper” activity with the new openSuSE 11.0 than I had been experiencing. Thanks for your concern and advice.

An Update: Further investigation has shown that the problem was something in KDE 4.0. If I changed to KDE 3.5.9 and ran the Substrate screen saver it did not have the same problem. AND it appears to be better in KDE 4.1 although there is a slight increase in the CPU fan on it also. But nothing like when it was in 4.0. I am now going to upgrade my main system to openSuSE 11.0 but with KDE 4.1 not 4.0.

My only concern with the upgrade now is VMware 5.5.7. Will it work?? If anyone knows please respond.