cplay (terminal audio player) not playing flac, wav

As this is a relatively low spec / old PC, the low resource audio player CPlay is particularly handy. On another distro, CPlay played ogg, flac, mp3, wav and pretty much anything. Now on SuSE, CPlay is playing ogg and mp3 fine; Amarok etc plays flac fine. Although I have everything (including the ogg123 CPlay evidently uses to play flac) relevant installed from the repos, CPlay won’t C or Play flac or wav. I’m not sure what to look into after having satisfied the stated deps. Any ideas?

I’m not at a Linux PC right now. But are you certain it is ogg123 for playing flac, and not simply “flac” , and/or “libFLAC++5”, and/or “libFLAC++6”, and/or “libFLAC++6-32bit” and/or a number of other “flac” files, where these flac files are on OSS repository ? Do a search for libflac in web pin Webpin or indeed just “fac” to get a flavour as to the various libraries that may or may not be useful.

I think mikmod/libmikmod is another app that cplay needs.

Again, I’m not at a Linux PC, so I can not explore/nor look in to this.