I used to use this on Ubuntu, for those of you who dont know its a program that displays what you are playing on your desktop in the form of a cd or album cover etc, I would love to have it back but I have no idea how to install it…please help me :slight_smile:

Yes it is true, I am helpless here.


IMHO you are likely better off looking for another application, already packaged for openSUSE, that does the same thing.

From what I can see after a quick surf, there are no packaged (in an rpm ) versions of this for openSUSE. To proceed on your own to install this likely requires average or advanced Linux knowledge. To attempt that without such knowledge will likely invoke frustration, where if there is an app that also does this, there is no need to follow the frustration route.

An average or advanced user would likely either

  • download the .deb file and convert it to an rpm with “alien” and give it a try (although that approach may not work) or
  • download the tarball (.tar or .gz file) from their download site, uncompress the file, and read and follow its installation instructions , … which more often than note require average to advanced knowledge to install

Again, IMHO the best approach is to use an application that is already packaged for openSUSE, instead of pining over one that is not packaged.

Ok in that case do you know of an application that displays the currently playing album on the desktop?

Well, if you’re using KDE4 then there are several desktop plasmoids that do that, that plug into Amarok.

Simply search for plasmoid here, but don’t forget to select the correct version first -

If you are using KDE 4.2 or KDE 4.3 then you should select factory as your version :).

Thank you very much, are there any for Banshee?