Could not login to forum 04 April 2024, can login 05 April 2024

Could not login to forum ( 04 April 2024.
Now, 05 April 2024, I can login to forum.

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ok, thats nice.

More info: cannot login because of problems on the forum, got message “Sorry, there was an error authorizing your account. Please try again.”
Link: openSUSE Forums

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What happened when you tried to log in on the 4th? Other users seemed to not have any issues, but to troubleshoot, we’d have to know some specifics about what you saw.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t really tell us much, as it’s a static and generic message.

jwt_decode_failed → ILL problems with jwt-decode:

As result of filling in the credentials, I got the message as @Svyatko posts, but the Dutch translation of it.

In a red box somewhere at the top. And Please try again. Did not function during the whole day here in Western Europe.

Hitting the Login from a page repeated the error page. Stopping FF and starting again or removing all SUSE cookies resulted in the fill in the credentials page re-appearing, but then the error page was there agin.

Maybe there was some work being done on the IdP that’s now resolved, or a transient issue. Without some timestamps, it’s pretty difficult to isolate anything in the logs to determine what was going on.

If it’s working now, not a lot we can do to “fix” it again in the past.

If you run into this again, drop an e-mail to admin (at) opensuse (dot) org to create a ticket and someone can take a look at it while the issue is happening - or at least then they’ll have a timeframe to look at in the logs to determine what might have been happening.

Something happened which related to JWT and OpenID:

It was fixed yesterday, stuff happens…


Yes, I’m familiar with JWT and what it’s used for, as well as OpenID connect. I’m looking at the logs, and do see some issues yesterday around it (though nothing yet that seems to be related to either of you), but as Malcolm said, it’s fixed now.

Appreciate the report, but we can’t fix something that’s already fixed. :slight_smile:

@hendersj It was on the IDP side, one or two of our Forum users reported, sorted shortley after by @crameleon


Given what I see in the logs, yeah, it would’ve had to be on the IdP side.

Yes, I know. And I just tried several times during the day to check. I only posted above because Jim asked for details.

And sometimes I clicked the retry four, five times, etc. thus when there is some log and somebody is interested, one should be able to find this from, I assume several, people trying it.

But indeed, this morning everything was OK. I almost forgot about it until this thread was started.

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Yep! Reaction was very fast! :wink:

I got this too same day (April 4) the whole day. I was able to login the next day. Same error as mentioned in the quote. I thought first it was a late April fools prank. The next day maybe got fix but login was painfully too slow. :grinning: