could not find a useable proxy configuration script, Amarok Launch KDE4

I know this is common, but I’m drawing a blank on how to correct his ‘error’ message everytime I launch Amarok in KDE 4.4.1…thanks

I have never seen this.
If you uncheck all online services,eg; lastfm
Does it still happen

I’ll try that in a few minutes…updates are coming in now…I did uncheck everything ‘but’ lastfm…need to try that…thanks caf…will 'port back :stuck_out_tongue:

OK…it stopped when I disabled lastfm…why is it looking for a proxy script when I don’t use a proxy?

I also get that message ‘occasionally’ when I launch Choqok micro blogging client…

I’m connected to local windows network. I can’t figure out where I might have a narfed network setting?

Not my Forté - ‘Networking’

What is a ‘windows network’?

I suppose you have TCP/IP network (LAN, based on ethernet cabled and/or wifi). Thank … that was not invented in Redmond.

I connect direct to my wireless router from my laptop for internet…I’m getting this error now while launching Ktorrent…there’s a setting somewhere, can’t find it…driving me nuts! >:)lol!

In network manager
Are your settings default,auto DHCP?

yes…I’ve found out it’s the firewall I have running…I need to open some ports, but don’t know which…if I turn off the firewall those errors stop, as per but I don’t know which ports to open so I can run the firewall :sarcastic:

Does this mean you are running some firewall other than the default SUSE firewall? And if yes, why for heavens sake?

I’m just running the default Suse firewall as configured in Yast…I’m trying to find which services to allow so those error messages will go away…very annoying now that I’m focused on them…:sarcastic:

caf…I’m studying setting up the firewall properly rather than just blocking everything…this seems useful:

Configuring the Firewall - Deploying Suse Linux Enterprise Server -

I don’t think it’s the firewall

I bet if you create another user it won’t happen

ok…how so? I’m just trying to understand what’s causing that. Thing is, if I turn off the firewall it stops doing that…let me test it some more on and off to be sure…
but I’m listening about the user…:slight_smile:

Why are you fiddling with the firewall in the first place. Only thing I ever do is open ports for torrents and ssh

just trying to figure out what’s causing the error messages that are driving me bonkers rotfl! I do want the firewall in place, so I’m trying different settings to stop the ‘proxy’ errors since I don’t use a proxy. But all is fine, not a huge deal really :slight_smile:

I can’t say why you are getting the error messages. Did it happen from the very beginning of the new install?

I think so…I turned the firewall on maybe a week after the install after learning about openSUSE. I can’t pin anything down that might have changed to cause this.

The firewall should have been on by default.

Exactly what are you trying to connect to? Does it use some strange port?