Could not display "X-nautilus-desktop:///"


I have just installed SUSE 11.4 GNOME X86_64 live cd on a 64 bit machine. after the installation and reboot, I got the following error:

Could not display “X-nautilus-desktop:///”
Error Dbus error org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.Spawn.Execfailed:failed
to execute program /usr/lib/gvfs/gvfsd:success please select another viewer

Certain icons were missing from the desktop. not be able to open my Computer or network icon. the same error is coming again and again. even there is no menu on desktop except a few folders.

how to overcome this, please let me know


On 06/19/2011 01:06 PM, sapsdabhi wrote:
> Could not display “X-nautilus-desktop:///” . . .
> how to overcome this, please let me know

-=welcome=- new poster, but i think you may have left out some information:

  1. are you sitting at the machine where gnome is installed…or is it on
    a distant machine?

  2. if on a distant machine how (using what client and protocol) are you
    accessing it?

  3. is gnome installed in a VM, if so which VM running in what host?

  4. are you logged into gnome as the administrator?

  5. which version of Gnome are you using 2 or 3?

  6. Was your openSUSE installed from media downloaded from, or some other place? Where?

  7. Did you md5 or sha1 check the .iso prior to burning the install disk?

  8. Did you do this before install attempt?
    (if not, please, boot from the install media, do it now and report results)

  9. is this a fresh format and then install system? or, did you upgrade
    (keeping any partitions from a former install of Linux? which
    distro/version was the former version?)

  10. are there other operating systems on this machine? which?