"Could not display x-nautilus-desktop:///; Error: DBus error


I have just installed SUSE 11.4 GNOME X86_64 live cd on a 64 bit machine. after the installation and reboot, I got the following error:

Could not display “X-nautilus-desktop:///”
Error Dbus error org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.Spawn.Execfailed:failed
to execute program /usr/lib/gvfs/gvfsd:success please select another viewer

Certain icons were missing from the desktop. not be able to open my Computer or network icon. the same error is coming again and again. even there is no menu on desktop except a few folders.

how to overcome this, please let me know


On 06/19/2011 01:06 PM, sapsdabhi wrote:
> how to overcome this, please let me know

familiarize yourself with the environment, read our FAQs and please do
no double post…

all potential answerers should go to where s/he already has some
traffic, in install/boot/login, here