Could not checkout Tizen packages....

Hi all.
I am working with Tizen from a few days ago.
According to the url “”, I tried to check out kernel sources (“osc co TIZEN:2.0:System kernel”).
Is there any problem?
Pls, help me!!!

Hello and welcome here,

That said, I must confess that IIRC, none of our members here is clairvoyant. You must tell much, much more about what you have, want to do and has done allready. As it is now we do not even know which version of openSUSE you use.

Hahaha… Ok… I got it.
We are planning to porting tizen to the test board with x86 core.
I am working on Ubuntu 12.04 and using osc which version is 0.136.
So, when I read porting guide of tizen, it told that we should get kernel source through OBS.
I registered to this site and tested the example project.
When I tried to do command “osc co TIZEN:2.0:System kernel”, I got “404 Not found” error.
Is there anybody who works with tizen?