Cossacks II Battle for Europe | WINE | speed and graphics

Hi, folks!

Is there a way to instil the use of OpenGL into Cossacks II BfE instead of DirectX?

I’m pretty sure that this is the reason - the game uses to run extremely slowly and has multiple problems concerning displaying.

Thanks in advance!

OS: openSuSE 12.1 32bit; package: wine-1.5.1-2.1.i586; notebook: Lenovo G530 4446-25G

Sorry you had no reply yet, dear ThJJackson. I would recommend you, you will have there a community off the combined wine users of all distros, since this is rather specific and no one here seems to have an answer, better contact wine developers directly or open a bug at

You’re right -> WineHQ - Cossacks II: Battle for Europe 1.4 (Russian) Anyone can reply to the comment posted there.