Corrupted user profile? Won't load KDE GUI

Well - everything was going great. First day of a newly setup Leap 15.3 (KDE) install and I finally completed all the app installations, STEAM setup, work VPN, etc. Was playing Valheim and the system froze. Had to use the power button to reboot. Now my user profile won’t load. Have checked the following:

  1. Grub 2 boots fine
  2. User profile shows up on login
  3. Enter password, system thinks about it for a few seconds then dumps me back to the login screen
  4. I can login as root
  5. I can create a new user profile and all the installed apps are there and the new profile runs fine (but none of the saved data from my original profile, of course).
  6. Checked pam_tally and the original profile is not locked or disabled
  7. Tried ‘Update’ from the installation USB but still have the same issue

Is there a way to recover my original profile, rather than setting up everything again with my new profile? Unfortunately, I don’t know where to start, even after 3 hours of reading forums/posts/wiki.

Check disk usage this can happen if you run out of space somewhere. I doubt that home is corrupted. Boot from rescue disk and mount your active system and check disk usage.

Wasn’t able to recover the user profile, so I created a new one and deleted the old one. Lost some save files and customisation but the new user profile works.