Corrupted Packete Received; Timeout waiting for PADO packets

I have a DSL brodband connection. The internet connectivity was working fine but lately, I am am facing problems while connecting to internet.
Upon connecting the cable to the eth0, the /var/log/messages shows repeated instances of:
“kernel:corrupted packets received”

Also, if i use pppoe-dicovery, I get " Timeout Waiting for PADO packets" error.

There is nothing wrong with the cable. If I connect the cable to a windo$s xp laptop, internet connects fine without any problems.
Any idea what could be going wrong? Since the internet was working fine earlier on my opensuse box, im not sure what could have gone wrong with the settings.
Any help ps greatly appreciated.


Two things come to my mind:

  1. Wrong driver for your NIC.

  2. Use wireshark to look what happens.

thanks. I have had the internet working with the same driver module (sis900) earlier for my ethernet card (SiS technologies) -so chances of the wrong driver in use are bleak. Yeah will have to dig more on the packet analysis.

Another thing to note is - in the kinternet logs, if I disconnect the n/w cable I get the same error “Timeout waiting for PADO packets” as I get when I’ve connected the cable. As mentioned above theres nothing wrong with the cable -the connection works fine on window$!

you need to capture those packets and get a network analyzer to analyze them. Try Capsa network analyzer, maybe you can get the result.

I replaced the SiS ethernet card with a realtek one and everything works fine now.

I’ve had some struggle with a SiS card, replaced it as well. Card for one thing did not have the chip it was supposed to have.

You know what SiS stands for?

Sh** in Silicon