Correctly install the german keyboard

Dear all,
in my system I was having three keyboards installed

I removed the English one so to better learn the German keyboard layout (I can write also all the English characters with this one)
I have unfortunately two three small problems since the day I removed the English keyboard (most probably the problems were there but it was not easy for me to spot them).

Problem1. The « is what appears when I click the button that is left of the Y . That should be only one and they appear as two. These are not of course recognized as correct.

Problem 2. All my shortcuts (i.e control+T to launch new tab in konsole). I thought this might have to do that the previous shortcuts were configured with the English keyboard but after reapplying those the problem was not fixed.

Any ideas for both problems would be appreciated


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Thanks for the reply,
I hope I will get it fixed. Right now it looks like that theproblem is kde oriented (i.e kde applications). So Control+f now works as find in firefox and in opera but it does not in
dolphin, kwrite, kile e.t.c