correct way to handle ruby, nodeJS repos.Via gem, npm only, zypper dup causes problem

after zypper dup it want to update those packages,dont want that it causes probelms broke packages… I only want to handle those via gem, npm commands. SO if I remove those repos and install ruby & nodeJS from source that’d be solved right?

never use zypper dup for updates, it will cause problems use zypper up
zypper dup is used for OS upgrades 13.1 to 13.2 or repository switching (eg to use packman as the default)

ps what OS and what repo’s do you have?

it seams you’re using tumbleweed so maybe ask there or have an admin move this thread.
I’ve never used tumbleweed but I remember reading somewhere that zypper dup is need on the rolling release.

I think you don’t want zypper to update some packages and you’re asking if you build them yourself zypper won’t update them?
yes you can do that with some packages or you can use yast and set those packages to taboo (don’t change) but the inter-dependencies might brake something.

This will be moved to Tumbleweed and is CLOSED for the moment.

Moved from Applications and open again.

I am using tumbleweed, but this question is GENERAL: if I do not add repo for Ruby and NodeJS, but install form source - would there be way zypper could change, break… some ruby, node packages???

if you don’t want zypper to update a package load-up yast goto software management find/select that package right-click and chose lock.
the thing is you should almost never run zypper dup on a regular 13.1/13.2 release, you might need to run it more often on thumbleweed.

Each of the technologies you described should be handled in a different way.

Ruby (gem)
You should take a look at my “Install Ruby on openSUSE” wiki.
It describes how to configure rbenv to install ruby from the official ruby repositories instead of the openSUSE repos.
Or, if you want to Develop using openSUSE ruby packages, I describe what you need to do, also.
If you decide to use openSUSE repos, you can install packaged gems, you can list available with a search like the following

zypper se gem

Node (npm)
Unlike Ruby which is packaged in the openSUSE repos because several openSUSE apps are written in Ruby, there is no overlap or alternatives to running nodejs apps except by downloading from the nodejs repos. If you are installing nodejs to provide a runtime environment for Ruby, my Ruby instructions include installing nodejs.
Else, just run the following to install nodejs and start using npm immediately

zypper in nodejs

Do not run zypper dup except on very rare occasions when upgrading/downgrading the OS from one major version to another or restoring integrity. Unlike other distros(especially those that use apt package management) which “upgrade” within a version, in openSUSE an “upgrade” is a major move from one major OS version to another, essentially re-building the guts of the OS. More often you simply want to obtain latest versions of your existing packages for features and patches and in openSUSE we call this an “update.”

Never “zypper dup” except on rare occasions.
Most often you will want to run the following

zypper up


I actually have a problem with integrity (Unable-to-create-io-slave-klauncher ). that’s why I need zypper dup. OK so I’ll rather install both from source repos