Correct place to save AppImage downloads.

I am finding I need to use AppImages for several applications as the repo versions are often out of date.
I can download these AppImage files and run them without difficulty but they are at present sitting in my Downloads directory.
Where is the correct place to locate these files once downloaded please?

FAQ Where do I store my AppImages?](]( important point about the AppImage format is that you can store AppImage files wherever you want. This includes your home directory, your downloads directory, a dedicated applications directory, a USB thumb drive, a CD-ROM or DVD, or even a network file share. No matter where you keep your AppImages, you are still able to run them. This is very similar to how applications work on macOS. Unlike with traditional Linux packages, you do not need to install AppImages or put them into some special location in order for them to work.
If you don’t want to leave them in $HOME/Downloads, then $HOME/Applications is a good choice. Many third-party tools (especially the ones managing desktop integration) use this location, too. Other options involve $HOME/.local/bin and $HOME/bin, which are useful mainly for CLI tools.
On CentOS/RHEL and Fedora: When you login, the script $HOME/.bash_profile is executed and this script adds $HOME/.local/bin:$HOME/bin to your path.
On Ubuntu: When you login, the script $HOME/.profile is executed and this script adds “$HOME/bin:$HOME/.local/bin” to your path.
Besides, every other location works, e.g., a USB thumbdrive, a network location, or a CD-ROM, but then the AppImages won’t be on your path, which means that you cannot simply type their name into a terminal but have to use the full path.

Hi and many thanks for the quote. Exactly what I needed.
Thanks again,

Since my last post and receiving help here I am now using several AppImage apps and have been trying to understand how I may integrate them into my system desktop so I may start the app from my application menu.

As might have been predicted and after much reading I have not succeeded. I have appimaged, appimagelauncher-lit and AppImageUpdate all downloaded. I didn’t select the .zsync version. Not sure if that was right or wrong.

Having all these tool apps I still have no idea how to get my working apps to appear in my applications menu. The important ones are KeepassXC and Kdenlive. pCloud tries to look after itself but, having allowed the advertised and offered downloaded, the update it fails to start, so I have to go to the file, which is the new updated version, as this needs to be started by me.

Any further help on this would be much appreciated.