Correct Method To Install Current VirtualBox?


Installed openSUSE Tumbleweed 64Bit K.D.E. on one of my mission critical computers…
Currently setting up everything.
What is the correct method to install current VirtualBox?
I have an existing Win 10 virtual machine I wish to use.
Let me know, thanks!

P.S. - Nice O.S. so far :slight_smile:


Recommend trying the Virtualbox in the regular openSUSE repository first.
You can either open YaST > Software Manager and search for “virtualbox”
In an elevated console

zypper in virtualbox

Note that I’d allow deploying any kind of virtualization on Tumbleweed only for on-demad, short session use.
If a person wanted to deploy virtualization for more of a Production use where people and machines would rely on services provided by your Guest(s), I’d recommend a more stable HostOS lsuch as LEAP.

The convenience of using Virtualbox from the openSUSE repositories is that your kernel modules are pre-built, you don’t have to do any compiling on your machine. The virtualbox you download will be matched to the kernel provided in that same repository.

If you have problems with the Virtualbox from the openSUSE repository or you just prefer, you can download binaries from the Oracle Virtualbox website, install the necessary dependencies to build your kernel modules and do all that on your machine… Which is what you’d have to do if you were using practically any other distro.