Correct KDE name

What is the correct name for the next (5) gen of KDE desktop?
is it “KDE SC 5” or “KDE Plasma 5” or …

what is frameworks and plasma

Well, those names have already been invented 5 years ago, and used since then for “KDE 4” as well.

The desktop is called “Plasma 5” or “KDE Plasma Desktop”.

“KDE SC” is the “KDE Software Compilation” (also called “KDE Applications”).

what is frameworks and plasma

“Frameworks 5” is a collection of libraries on top of Qt5 to make developing KDE applications easier. This is the “KDE (Development) Platform”.
The huge “KDE Libraries” (kdelibs4) have been split in smaller parts and called the “Frameworks” for “KDE 5” (officially there is no “KDE 5” nor “KDE 4”).

And Plasma is the desktop shell, i.e. what provides the desktop, panel(s), widgets. This has been written from scratch for KDE4 already, to replace KDE3’s kdesktop and kicker (and some other things like superkaramba).

Thx for clearing it out!