copyQ fantastic :-) :-)

I installed copyQ, it is very what I need, very better of “klipper” and “share” and the one before “share” :slight_smile:
I suggest to builders to introduce copyQ in the standard opensuse repositories and installed software instead of klipper and share :slight_smile:
So, is it possible to uninstall klipper?? I tried but cannot find in [yast>software management]

my system is running plasma 5.6.3:
PC=Dell latitude E6510, RAM=8Gb, GPU=GT218 NVS 3100M, CPU=i7 Q 720 @ 1.60GHz
upgraded 13.2 to leap 42.1, using wolfi repos. I’m running KDE 4.14.18 and plasma 5.6.3, KDE frameworks 5.21.0, KDE applications 16.04.0, Kernel 4.1.20-11-default

In Yast, check the “file list” box for search. That will find “klipper”. It’s part of “plasma5-workspace”. Best to not try ininstalling that.

manythanks :), I will survive with it :slight_smile: