Copy video to iPod

Can anyone tell me what software there is to be able to copy videos to my iPod, and have it show up on the iPod?

do you have gtkpod installed ?
and HOW was that ipod registered ( the very first running )
on a mac or on Microsoft

that is the format fat32 or xfs

I do have gtkpod installed.
It was registered on a MS machine.

Format? Of what exactly?

Are the videos already in a format that the iPod will play ? If not, you may wish to convert them to a useable format with another software package prior to downloading them to the iPod.

For example winff (available from Packman for openSUSE-11.2 and earlier) would create appropriate videos.

For openSUSE-11.3 there were problems creating a functional winff, although I note a user in the build service offers winff: Search Results I have not tried their version.

I did & it doesn’t!
A recomendation the OP might try is kdenlive. It can render into .mp4 & .mov I think those Ipod formats.
kdenlive is available from the Packman repos.

winFF does work well on openSUSE-11.2 and I know there that videos created there will play on an iPod (as my wife has tested one).

All we need to do is obtain the ffmpeg command used for the conversion (in the openSUSE-11.2 version) and post that command here.

Kerijan2003, did you get to upload your video to your iPod in linux? If so I’d be keen to learn how you managed to do this. I’ve had a look at Gtkpod but it doesnt seem to upload the video converted with Kdenlive?

maybe u do not copy ur video files in specified files, i got the same issues as u. i can recommend some ways to help u out, i am not sure it can helps, but u can have a try for this. Just download and installvideo downloader, then u can see the program is streaming video recorder: click “settings” to put ur downloaded videos in place in order to check out easily in the future. After finish downloading, u can import ur videos into the right format, then save them to ur devices like iPdod. how about using this application, u should try it by yourself.


gtkpod adds files to the ipod database on the ipod
it is what i use for my nano