copy my files in daily basis

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inside my Linux I am using virtual box to launch windows xp. I have one shared folder between the operating systems so as to share my files

As I can not trust virtual box and windows xp… can you suggest me an easy way to take daily backups of one of the folders I have inside that shared folder?

The files are mostly html files so the file size is not so much of a problem (at least I think!) . How can I take daily backups so to not lose something? Regards

The easy ways normally involve having permanent access to the backup media in which case setting up a cron job to do the back up at a specific time will work. Otherwise, if you are using media like a USB key, a USB drive or a CD/DVD you can normally write a script (or save the details if you use K3b) and execute that.

Hello again. Do you know if there is any way to copy exact the contents of one folder to another place?Sometimes cp -R * might fail.

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See man cp. I suspect you would be better using cp -a the first time and cp -u thereafter. Or, if you are using a USB key, dd might be better for you.

As far as I know, dd copies exactly what is offered, meaning it copies file system types (ext, fat etc) and boot sectors if available and stuff. Therefore using dd might cause problems. I am not sure if it offers only to copy files, maybe it does.

Okay I think I have to explain you my scenario. I have a folder where I am updating a web page I have . I would like to have a process that runs every one hour and takes the files from my web development page and copies/replacing the old files I have to the web server’s directory.

Could you please help me which program to use to do that?


On 2011-05-23 14:06, alaios wrote:
> Could you please help me which program to use to do that?


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