copy, move, rename long file names across local network, not working

When I tried to copy, move, rename files or directories with long names from one openSuSE system to another or a server on my local, ‘home’ network, kde, konqueror and ‘notification’ would just kinda sit there…
Did not finish, fail, error or time out, just sit there as if it were working…

First, I blamed kde as I’ve not like ‘them’ since ‘they’ decided to adopt dolphin while it was less than beta, as the default file manager…

Then I thought it might be the ‘dot’s’ in the middle of the filename as in a version number title, but is not a consistent issue, so that’s not it
I’ve also found that some if not all files with ‘double spaces’ in the filename can and do fail at times, but not every time, so that wasn’t it.

Anyways, it was Not kde, the coders at kde, konqueror or even the notification applet (was looking to blame something… : o ). No it was me…

for example, here is a file name that worked and the original version that did not:

Worked with copy, move, rename:
Linux From Scratch Version 6.1.1 Gerard Beekmans.pdf

Did Not work for any of above actions:
Linux From Scratch
Version 6.1.1
Gerard Beekmans.pdf

See the difference?
When I originally copied the name for the title of the document, the carriage returns (eol, ‘enters’ etc) were not replaced as I thought always were… Not sure why that is, as I rarely have this problem and it’s not obvious in the filename when you’re done pasting.

Anyways… that’s it, just in case someone else is having this same head scratching issue…


How are you copying? Using the command line? The shell breaks into arguments at spaces, so you have to quote filenames with spaces (and other special characters).

[edit… could not, too long a time]
p.s., I don’t know how to tell the filename has ‘returns’ in it using the file manager, properties or ‘rename’ function. I have 2 ways. One: delete and reapply the spaces in filename using rename or Two: past name into a text editor or web page ‘form’… just sayin’

A couple of ways to avoid the problem:

Use a GUI manager to copy using drag and drop. It will take care of special characters.

Use a command line invocation that will not be affected by special characters. Something like this is safe:

cp /from/here/* /to/there

because the special characters do not explicitly appear in the command line. (But filenames starting with dot will be missed.)

There are also advanced ways involving cpio, find, etc.

I am using konqueror, a GUI
And as I said, it apparently, usually takes care of the ‘special characters’, but obviously not…
I was only letting others who have had this issue, like me and they don’t know what is wrong what I found was a possibility…

just saying, that’s all


Well maybe you found a konqueror bug that should be reported.

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