Copy Live Thmub Drive Contents to RAM, or at least Disable Persistence

Hi all,

I have a really slow rotten thumb key, and when I boot it to test Leap 15.1 the performance is dicey, especially when Firefox is caching a website I’m browsing.

Googling only gives me things for KNOPPIX or the oh so vulgar and common Ubuntu users.

What options can I pass at boot time to either copy the contents of the thumb drive to my RAM and run off that, or at least disable persistence to speed things up a little?



It’s a long time (circa 12.x) since I ran a live image, but adding


as a boot option with the live USB used to work, although you may then get low disk space warnings.

A substantial part of the system already runs in RAM, you can use df to inspect all the tmpfs mounts which are filesystems in RAM.

Of course, you can’t get around initially reading from your USB key during boot, the main thing you have to do after that is ensure you have sufficient RAM to minimize or eliminate swapping.

If your system really has very minimal available resources, then perhaps you should consider running a version of openSUSE that uses less resources… like an XFCE or LXQt image instead of KDE or Gnome, or even consider running without a Desktop… Maybe only a Windows Manager if you still want a graphical environment, like IceWM. A typical IceWM environment might enable you to run Firefox or some other app with only 1GB RAM.


I’ll give the kiwi boot option a try. Many thanks!!