Copy files to the /usr/lib/codecs

I have the codecs all folder I extract it then try to drag and drop into the /usr/lib/codecs folder when I do this it says I do not have permission. When I try to change permission on the folder it says I cannot because I am not the owner however I am the owner and would like to do what I want without restrictions.

How do i get permission to add files to my computer?

you need to have root privileges to do that. Login on console as root by using su and do

cp /path/to/codecs/* /usr/lib/codecs

and no, you are not the owner :wink: You are only the owner of your /home/username directory, not outside of it, at least not until you change permissions of a folder to use your username

PS: “do what you want without restriction” is what you get with Windows. Look where it has brought us. Every program can copy files all over the place, and thus it’s very easy for viruses, trojans, etc to do their thing. Luckily MS is starting to “get it” :wink: