Coosing new printer: HP LaserJet P4515x ok?


My old and proven LaserJet 4050 is approaching end of life after 10 years of service. Checking the HP website it appears that the models P4515n and P4515x are state of the art. Being new they don’t appear in the HCL. There will be a dedicated printserver within the network to drive the printer with CUPS & drivers.

Question: anyone who knows whether these printers work/don’t work?
Anyone who has such a printer directly within the LAN network (no server PC)?

I’d wait to see if someone else here has actually gotten it working, but you can also check the HPLIP supported printers page:

HP Linux Imaging and Printing

The reason you might want to wait for someone here to confirm that, though, is because of the discussion in this thread:

Anyone usig an HP2550L color laserjet? - openSUSE Forums

That first link is a very good hint. I was not aware of it. But it tells me what I would like to see: The printer is labeled as “Recommended” and “fully supported”. The footnote says:

“Recommended” means that the printer is fully supported in HPLIP and is recommended for use on your Linux system. For information of what “fully supported” means, see this KB article.

Hi again

Thought I should give some feedback to the community. My brand new HP LaserJet P4515n arrived today. This is heavy gear, 23.5 kg and obviously intended for the office environment.

Unpacking went fine (I followed the steps described in the manual). Then inserted the power cable and hooked it up to the LAN. On the printer’s user panel I configured a static IP suitable for the LAN, and was then able to point a webbrowser at the printer to do all further configuration with the browser interface.

Then fired up yast (openSUSE 11.1), deleted all old configurations, picked the option local printer on LAN with hplip, selected the HP LaserJet p4515 Foomatic/hpijs, hpijs driver and printed a testpage.

Result: It just works like a charm. And it is fast: more than one page per second. Strongly recommended for those who print a lot.

Glad to hear it! I might give that printer a look myself.