Cool linux compatible keyboard/ mouse combo!

Today I went off in search of a new mouse for my computer.
My older one I got was a logitech mouse that came with a keyboard that cost me about $60.
But I was never happy with it, eventually the letters on the keys came off and I cant even read what they are.
My mouse also sucked, it always collected a lot of dust and well I got annoyed how slow it was.
Anyhow I went to the radio shack as I did not want to go to the best buy or wal mart right off, sometimes radio shack has some good things so I went there and saw there was a sale on some low end keyboard/ mouse combos.

First there was this logitech combo for $50:
Logitech® S510 Cordless Desktop® -

Then there was this model:
Gigaware® 27MHz Wireless Keyboard and Laser Mouse Combo -

Then came the model I bought, A company called Sakar.
Now the label of this mouse/keyboard is I-Concepts but the company is Sakar.
Sakar 62350N Deluxe Wireless Desktop Duo -

I kind of liked the look of the keyboard, the colors were simular to my silver HP a1310y so I picked it up just because it was $29.
A dollar cheaper then the gigaware, and if it didnt work I could just bring it back.
So I asked the salesguy to show me the box because I wanted to see what was included.
And to my total shock it read right on the box:
For Windows AND LINUX!

I was like HOLY CRAP!
I hardly ever see a box with the word linux on it, so I made a good call on this thing.
So I took her home and right off every media key worked on it, only one or two of the keys I had to remap but still having every media key working is like super rare.
The only downside is that the keyboard has no feedback for when I hit caps lock, there is no light on the keyboard and the keyboard indicator application this has is for windows only .
Maybe there is some sort of thing I can do in linux for that, if not whatever I can deal I just have the habit of hitting my caps lock a bit without knowing it.
But that aside I say buy this thing if you can find it, even the 5 button mouse works in firefox.
The browse buttons on the side dont seem to work for Nautilus, they might work in KDE but I am unsure, as for the other buttons in KDE I dont know as currently I am using gnome but at some point I will try this in KDE.

This is good to know, thanks.

And to my total shock it read right on the box:
For Windows AND LINUX!

I don’t know where you are based, but here in Europe, more and more often, articles report: linux compliant kernel 2.6 and later.
This is also a sign of the growing interest of consumers running Linux not to be discriminated any more.
Recently I bought a b/w laser printer from Samsung that, apart of being to my total satisfaction, did report explicitly to be compliant to Linux.
Well, I can live with this. lol!

What I would like to see is a shift in policy of Logitech that is currently all but linux friendly. But I think the pressure of consumers will do. So thank you for your choice…:wink:

curse you taralkeda!

I followed the link, and ended jup impulse buyingn a roll-up keyboard, which is totally, jutterly, irredeemaly rjubbish. and for novelty valjue adds a ‘J’ in most times you hit ‘u’.


Still, it only ost £9, and I just hahd to inndulge my curiosity.

[thihs post left juncorrected as a sign of protest against maufactjurers of totally rubbish novelty keyboards, or morecorrectly those stuppid enoujgh to buy them :]

[thihs post left juncorrected as a sign of protest against maufactjurers of totally rubbish keyboards ]


I should add, before I unfairly trash anyone’s repjutation (:)), it isn’t actually the one advertised on that page…