"Cookie Jacking"

Yet another reason to stay away from all versions of I.E.; easiest to do when one does not use any version of MS Windows.

How ‘cookiejacking’ could steal people’s Facebook passwords - CSMonitor.com

You should never save password in the first place and have different password anyway.
But humans are lazy (like me) and so we never do all the things we should do.
I do wonder however if that doesn’t apply to any browser since cookies get saved on any browser. If you visit a prepared website one could in theory read out anything from your browser. Or am i wrong?

IE stores cookies, such that each cookie is a file. I suspect that the cookie jacking depends on that, and amounts to using some sort of drag and drop to copy files. But there’s some guessing here - I haven’t tried to study the details of the bug.

Normally, your browser will only send cookies that are related to the site that you are visiting. However, there could be cross-site scripting bugs, so some caution is warranted.