Converting Win 95 to openSUSE

I collect used computers, “clean them up” then give them to students at Lecanto Middle School in Lecanto, Florida. I recently was given a Compaq computer with Win 95. Linux program Puppy, PCLinux, and Mepis will not install as the Win 95 the system “is to old for this kernel”. Do you have a system, or is there another Linux system available that would work on this old machine?

Bill Watkins

Well, it may be just the way you phrased it but if you were under the impression that Win95 is needed underneath for Linux to run, no it isn’t. Linux deals with the bare hardware, no other OS required, thank you. (We had an amusing thread about this not so long ago.)

If Puppy will not load on it, it may really be too limited. Do you know how much RAM and hard disk space it has? What is the model of the machine?

Sometimes, it’s better to let very old hardware die and go to recycling heaven, instead of spending inordinate effort on them, when there is so much more recent hardware to be recycled.

Have you looked at **** Small Linux? It has a small footprint. I once installed Slackware 4 on a 486 DX2 with 32 MB ram and a 6GB hard drive and even compiled KDE from source. Debian 2 and 3 will also install on old hardware. I think it is possible.