Converting .pptx Files


i need a command line application for converting .pptx (PowerPoint 2007) Files into .ppt (PP 2000/2003/XP)Files.

Is there any tool existing or is it even possible to do the convert via openoffice?

The only requirement is, to do that via command line or a script which can be executed from the command line.



If you can do it interactively using OO, you might be able to script it using UNO to drive a tethered OO instance. So try OO first.

In OO, you can open it and do a “Save As” to another format.

I googled abit and found for PHP the PUNO Bridge.

Does anyone know, how to tell openoffice to Save a File as .ppt from the php Script? Any examples would be very nice. :slight_smile: