Convert install DVD into CDs?

Is there a way to convert the install DVD into multiple CDs? I’m installing on a computer without a DVD drive and I’d prefer to install everything (Gnome,KDE,etc,etc) from the installer, instead of having to download and install a ton a packages with Yast after the initial install.

Yeah i need this too! Is this possible?

NO you can’t create multiple cd’s from the dvd. The closest you are gonna get is using the network install and installing from another machine or pointing the install to another partition that has the contents of the dvd on it.

Yeah I’ve done the network install before, it’s probably the way I’ll have to go. It’d just be nice if they offered a multiple CD download…I’ve never understood why they won’t offer a CD equivalent of the DVD install…

when i bought suse 10.0 they shipped it with 5cds equivalent to the dvd install, why they haven’t stuck with it i don’t know. if you have a dvd drive, but you can’t boot from it because BIOS won’t allow you, like i used to have, then you can use smart boot manager, which loads itself to RAM, allowing you to boot from your dvd drive. if, however, you don’t have a dvd drive, then this whole post was pointless :smiley:

network install would be the other option as mentioned above, but i’ve never tried that. or, buy a dvd drive, they are cheap nowadays.

Up to and including Suse 10.2 they did create multiple cd images as well as the dvd. I also don’t understand the desire to eliminate the cd’s since a dvd COULD be created from the cd’s. You always have the option of installing from the 1 cd images and then adding what you need after the fact. Perhaps it’s worth picking up an external dvd reader from somewhere since they are pretty cheap.

… some users complained. Some users wanted a live CD like Ubuntu and like other distributions, and expressed the view that was more useful than 5 CDs. My belief is trying to deliver all 3 (DVD, live-CD, and 5-CDs) was too much for the openSUSE team, so the 5-CD package was dropped.

This is also my view.

One can also do a USB install, although I suspect < not sure > that may be confined to a CD equivalent, and not a DVD equivalent, install.

as far as i’m aware you can install from the dvd .iso from a usb drive if it’s in the ‘root’ folder of the drive (so the uppermost folder). as long as the BIOS supports dvd boot of course, if not, as mentioned above, something like smart boot manager can be used to allow this.