Convert Filesystem of Western Digital MyBook


How can I convert the filesystem on my Western Digital My Book2 Home Edition 1TB from Fat32 to NTFS under openSUSE 11.1?

I want to do this as I can’t back up DVD ISO images (> 4GB) from my notebook to the My Book.

With converting I don’t mean re-formatting including wiping out all data. Apparently one can do this under Windows: convert X: fs:ntfs.

If this is not possible how do I re-format the My Book for NTFS with openSUSE 11.1? Can YAST do that?

Thanks and best regards.


As far as I know, there is no such tool available under Linux.
The only solution is to back up the data, format the partition with the new FS and then, restore from the backup.
Also, if you really don’t want to access that file system from another Windo$ machine (I have the feeling that you don’t like Windo$ :slight_smile: ), then, I suggest you create a better Linux FS than the proprietary M$ FS.

I would recommend you use Parted magic: Downloads - Parted Magic

And I would add that whatever road you decide to take, make a backup of the info on the hard drive first because you never know when something might happen.