Convert a single system disk to RAID1

I’m using OpenSuse 42.1 with three partitions: /boot, swap, /

Because I have single disk in server, I’m trying to convert this this into soft RAID 1 with, other same empty HDD. I tried this tutorial, but result on the end after grub I’m getting back screen. Also I was try to use raider application, but result is the same, after GRUB, I’m getting black screen.

Is there any other way how to convert single HDD OpenSuse system to soft RAID1 OpenSuse?

  1. what exactly “after grub” means?
  2. Tell us what you
    did, not what is written on some page in Internet.

Regarding raider,
For starters, always read the documentation, eg
The README describes a number of dependencies and requirements.

Note that BTRFS is not listed as a supported file system, so what do you have on your system?
You can contact the author of raider to ask when/if btrfs support might be available if that’s your file system.

All the guides I know about including the Arch Linux wiki you reference are about the same…
So, if you’re having problems, you’ll have to be excruciatingly descriptive if you’re not running into errors until the very end, list each and every step you’ve done (and include actual commands in the CODE blocks which is created by the hash button in your editor).