Control Panel for virtual webhosting

I am trying to find a web hosting control panel . Currently we have a server running centos 7 with plesk hosting over 10 non profit websites. We are upgrading the sever and want to use opensuse 13.2 but due to plesk not supporting opensuse 13.2 we have to look so a new control panel . Does anyone know of a good control panel application that has similar functionality of plesk that will work on opensuse 13.2?

Although I don’t use Plesk, after skimming the documentation nothing jumps out at me that Plesk couldn’t be installed on openSUSE 13.2… The requirements seem fairly generic and are based on a standard Apache server layout.

What exactly is the issue if you’ve tried installing on openSUSE?


Thank you for your response
I had a chat with the Plesk team who told me " Plesk 12.1 and future Plesk versions will not support openSUSE anymore. Plesk 12.0 is the last Plesk version that can be installed on openSuSE"

I did install opensuse 13.2 but when I tried to install plesk i got a message that said os not supported. Basically im looking for an application that can help with my webhosting like plesk does, where i can host my 10 plus websites and give my clients login credentials to their website’s control panel

Maybe have a look here:

Are they dropping all Linux support or just openSUsE?
If they are simply dropping openSUSE-specific instructions, I’d guess that it still shouldn’t be difficult to adapt instructions for another distro to openSUSE (doing their work for them).


they are just dropping opensuse, i would be very grateful for any assistance you give me to install plesk on opensuse 13.2