control center crashes

Do anyone know how to fix the problem in 11.2 KDE where everytime I try to set the screensaver it crashes?

Should I just reinstall with Gnome and forget KDE? I haven’t had this problem with Mandriva, I had hoped that suse would be equally as good.

Until I can fix this I’m not going to do much with this distro! :frowning:

I tried it just to see. It works fine.
Try starting it from a terminal:

When it crashes it may leave a clue in the term.

Here’s what I get:

davek@linux-dxw9:~> systemsettings
davek@linux-dxw9:~> X Error: BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes) 8
Major opcode: 1 (X_CreateWindow)
Resource id: 0xdc
X Error: BadWindow (invalid Window parameter) 3
Major opcode: 7 (X_ReparentWindow)
Resource id: 0x3600b9b
X Error: BadWindow (invalid Window parameter) 3
Major opcode: 3 (X_GetWindowAttributes)
Resource id: 0x3600b9b
KCrash: Application ‘systemsettings’ crashing…

since this is a extra hdd, I may just reinstall suse and try again. maybe use gnome instead.

> KCrash: Application ‘systemsettings’ crashing…
> sock_file=/home/davek/.kde4/socket-linux-dxw9/kdeinit4__0

WILD guess…you are used to using GNOME and now you have loaded
KDE…and, you are trying to run the GNOME "Control Center (executable
is systemsetting) in KDE without having all the GNOME basics in place
to support running it…

since you have KDE installed, why you try running the KDE “Personal
Settings” (or maybe it is titled “Configure Desktop”) with the
executable named kcontrol…

in other words, instead trying to launch systemsettings, give kcontrol
a try…

moving from GNOME to KDE does not come without the need to learn your
new way around in the DE…like, gnomesu is now kdesu, nautilus is
now dolphin, gedit is now kwrite, and there are dozens and dozens more


down up hours iso
692M 1.06G 30 11.2 GNOME LiveCD (64)
693M 748M 34 11.2 GNOME LiveCD (32)
4.33G 4.33G 42 11.2 DVD

I decided to install the Gnome version of 11.2 instead. As pretty as KDE 4.3 is, I do better with Gnome. :slight_smile:

it’s downloading files and udates now. So far no crashes or errors…

Yast2 has never been friendly… still can’t get flash to install.

Synatic and Pacman in Arch Linux are far better from my experience.

Why should I have to install 100mb of files to install Flash?

I’m sure some of you think openSuse is fine, but I’m going back to Mandriva, Mint, and Ubuntu, they are easier to configure and are less troublesome.

They are the only distros that I can recommend to new Linux users.

Maybe one day openSuse will be better, when you make Yast a less confusing. I spend over an hour installing all the codecs and I still can’t play youtube or play DVDs. It should not be this confusing. :frowning:

Bye - Good luck:)