continue using 13.1 themes in 13.2

Hi everybody,

I really don’t like the choice of colors in 13.2 and feel its also looking a bit boring and 90ish. Is there a convenient way to continue using the themes from 13.1? Having that cool cameleon back everywhere and no blue tones? I’m talking about grub, plymouth, kdm, kde color theme, …

Thanks a lot

The wallpapers can be found in the package gos-wallpapers.
There used to be a similar package for the bootsplash, but I’m not sure whether this still exists (it wouldn’t work with plymouth anyway though), or if such packages are available for the other stuff.

But you can always download the corresponding packages from the wanted distribution, extract them with Ark or file-roller e.g. and copy the theme (maybe with a different name) to the correct place. (/usr/share/plymouth/themes/ e.g.) and tell the component to use it (for plymouth this would be “plymouth-set-default-theme -R myoldopensusetheme”).

Frankly, I really do not much like the new theme, either. No offence meant to the developers, but …

I was really surprised to see no comments on it in any review yet …

Anyway, I got it somewhat working by just downgrading to packages from 13.1 (essentially everything that commes from the branding-openSUSE base package) and ignoring some dependencies. I will turn this into proper packages on open build service soon, it doesn’t look too complicated.

To get ksplashx to properly show the old background image you need to manually delete the cached background image in $HOME/.kde4/cache-$YOURFULLDOMAINNAME/ksplashx

I still have to figure out what to do with yast, but I don’t use it too often anymore anyway …


What’s wrong with YaST?
AFAICS the theme hasn’t changed.

But YaST has been ported to Qt5 for 13.2, so it might look slightly different or use a different Qt style.
This is nothing that you can just change by installing old files from 13.1 though.

You could try to install “systemsettings5” though and change the default Qt5 style/color scheme for root.

Or do you mean the icons? The oxygen icons have been removed and the hicolor ones are now used in KDE as well.
The necessary package should be yast2-theme-openSUSE-Oxygen, and maybe yast2-theme-openSUSE as well.

The colors again, there is this blue everywhere that might cause cancer after some exposure …

the solution is quite simple, run

kdesu systemsettings

to change the color theme of the root kde account and qt(4/5) will (by default) follow it

Ah, well. That problem existed in earlier versions as well, and is mainly caused by the fact that YaST is running as root and therefore doesn’t respect your user settings.
And apparently Qt5’s defaults are different.

the solution is quite simple, run

kdesu systemsettings

to change the color theme of the root kde account and qt(4/5) will (by default) follow it

Ah right. KF5 (and apparently Qt5 as well) reads KDE4’s settings as upgrade path if there is no particular KF5 setting yet.
But I wasn’t sure whether that works at the moment (there have been problems…), that’s why I suggested systemsettings5. :wink:

I’ve installed that. But I am not seeing anything more recent than opensuse 10.3.

Can somebody update that package?

The new theme and wallpaper are okay. But it is boring. The 13.1 version was exceptional.