context menu contains duplicate items

when i right click the mouse over a audio file (for example), a floating context menu is shown. If I were to select the ‘Open with’ menu item, I see some duplicated entries of applications to run the file with.

Likewise, if I were to select the >Open with>Open with application menu item, the window that comes up also show duplicated entries for certain items.

How do I clean it up?

Is this kde3?

Lets assume for the moment it offers 2 identical options to Open with Amarok.

Right click a music file - properties
In the box that pops up click the spanner

In the next box showing the list of applications, if there are 2 identical Amarok, delete one.

Now try.

I’m experiencing this problem with Gnome in openSuse 11.0

But you can still try the above as I suggested can’t you? Or did you?

I got this one resolved…Right click on audiofile, select ‘properties’ item, ‘properties’ dialogbox show, select ‘open with’ tab, etc.

The remaining issue is with…right click on audiofile, select ‘open with’ item, ‘open with’ dialogbox shows with listing of all programs to choose from. Some of the listed programs have duplicate entries but there is no remove button or something similar to get rid of them