'/content' not found on medium 'http://download.opensuse.org/distribution/leap/42.1/repo/oss/'

Hi All,

I have been working, without any problem, on my system with ‘Leap 42.1’ for quite sometime now. Lately, at times, the system started hanging on boot but worked on reboot. Also, during my work, sometime, it has been hanging requiring forced shutdown and reboot. Even konsole does not come up for checking which process is creating problem.

I thought, the system needed update. Hence, I gave the update command on terminal and got error as below:

 rsp@dell-linux:~> sudo zypper update
File '/content' not found on medium 'http://download.opensuse.org/distribution/leap/42.1/repo/non-oss/'

**Abort, retry, ignore? [a/r/i/? shows all options] (a): **r
File '/content' not found on medium 'http://download.opensuse.org/distribution/leap/42.1/repo/non-oss/'

My repositories (including non-oss) are intact and earlier the system has been updating periodically but since sometime back it has not asked to be updated.

Request help!



42.1 has reached End of Life and all repositories have been taken down, no fixes or patches are going to be implemented.

I suggest you upgrade to 42.3 whenever possible.

Hi Miuku,

Thanks for the sound advice. Shall do an offline upgrade right away.




Notice that still right now dowload.opensuse.org seems faulty


says “partial outage”

and this for several days now!! (last message is two days old)

of course I had to make an update right at this moment and so had to go to a mirror

doo seems to work now but may be there is still some works in rpogress


They had a equipment failure. Some parts are being redirected but some are not available yet

Thanks guys,

I have already installed Leap-42.3. It is working well.