Constantly resetting to KDE 4.2.0 defaults after each logoff

On one of my laptops I’m running 11.1 and KDE 4.2.0 release 99, installed from that opensuse livecd that came out especially for 4.2 release. Anyway my problem is that after every logout (no matter if it’s done by ctrl-alt-bkspace or rebooting) my kde profile reverts to the one that originally was on the livecd. For instance among the changes that I make is to switch to classic desktop view, to change the background picture and to move the menubar at the upper side of the screen; after logging in again all that is gone and reverted to that blueish Air theme (that’s the name I guess). I have to mention that on another machine that’s running Kubuntu 8.10 with the same (?) KDE 4.2.0 there’s no such problem!
I searched the forum and found possible workarounds but none worked. Please help me! It’s getting so frustrating! Thank you!

Some help please!? Any helping hand? It’s so god**** irritating!!! Anytime I login the same stupid-senseless situation. I admit that 99% of the time I just suspend to ram and I don’t have this issue but this shouldn’t necesarilly be the answer. Do you need my repos list or whatever? Just ask me. Please! Thank you!

You could try updating the latest release is 102


For the last 3 days I went sking and the only internet connection is a vodafone based one - it would literally take days :-(. Thanks! That might be the answer! But I’ll tell you for sure a couple of days from now. Thank you once more and I’ll keep you posted!

I had this problem when I first installed KDE4.2…I did not find a fix, except by renaming my .kde and .kde4 folder and letting it be recreated during the next login, which reset everything to default. After that, I was able to make changes and have them stick. I am guessing that it was a permission problem, but never looked into it that hard.


I think I forgot to mention that one of the solutions was to delete .kde*. But to no good…

probably a stupid question, but when you deleted the .kde* folder, did you make sure it deleted…if it is a permission problem, it might not have…also, you have to delete it from recovery mode, otherwise it will be recreated before you log out.


Ok. Firstly I did a ‘init 1’ then deleted .kde* (-rf and verified with ‘l’ :-)) and all the bits and pieces in /tmp and /var/tmp; then ‘init 5’, login in 4.2 and the same stupid thing occured! :frowning:

OK…hmmm…can you log in as root and create a new user and see if it happens with that user also?

:slight_smile: Now you’re getting somewhere. Did that already - the same ?hit happened! Thanks anyway! I switched to INSTALL_DESKTOP_EXTENSIONS=“no” in /etc/sysconfig/windowmanager hoping that would change smth. Again the same… You can’t imagine how frustrating this thing could get! I’ll go back to my buddies for a round of apres-sking: probably the best…in the world! Thank you all!

yeah, I wish I had something else to tell you to try. but short of reinstalling, I aint got a clue.wish I could be more help.

On Monday, after an update I’ll tell you guys of any (hopeful) improvements. I appreciate you spending this time with my problem. It will be no reinstall though; I’m confident I’ll sort it out with your help.

You must have the “U” to close to SuSE , if it is on the same machine remove it , or if CD is laying within 20 feet it will not work . :wink:
Try the rename plasma-appletsrc trick , add .old to end and restart : home/usrename/.kde4/share/config/plasma-appletsrc.old , ‘username’ is your name .
Of course after making changes you want to stay .

i had this problem for quite a while too with kde 4.2.0. i finally fixed it the other day when an idea occurred to me…
i had kde set to open a blank session every time it is started. i switched the setting to restore previous session upon login and it solved the problem.

hope this helps anyone having the problem.