Constant error downloading gstreamer

My os-release is version 13.2 (Harlequin).

I got message of 658 updates but one of them has a constant fail of downloading.
Attached is a picture of the message.

Is gstreamer critical and what symptoms should I have ?
D:\Users\שמואל\My Documents\Study\TroubleShooting\gstreamer_error.jpg

As 13.2 is out of support, repositories are removed one by one. Thus be prepared for problems installing software.

packman still has gstreamer for 13.2 for 32bit for 64bit
do you have packman?

zypper lr -d

ps you need to upload pictures online we can’t see your windows partition
try (select image file on the top right)
or one of the many free image hosters like

The OP is in a bit of bind with an inconsistent OS (due to incompatible repos) and going beyond what is stated here. Refer to this thread…