ConsoleKit not contactable after 11.3->12.1 upgrade

I did a zypper dup upgrade on my Lenovo W520, running KDE4.

After the upgrade, I can’t log in using any of the KDE plasma workspace options - each time I get an error message of “ConsoleKit could not be contacted” or similar.

I can log in using IceVM, but that’s not where I want to be.

I installed GNOME (wash my mouth out…) and it also works, so this appears limited to KDE4.

(Well, I say works - it comes up and complains that it couldn’t start all its fancy stuff, so went into fallback mode).

Need to say what you have in that box. Try creating a new user and log into KDE it could be old settings in your home

It might work, but is that realy advisable, to skip a level on using zypper dup?