Console One and Zenworks snapins on Suse Enterprise 10

I am having trouble finding any Zenworks management utilities for Suse Linux E 10. Are the snapins for ConsoleOne available? Will they ever be available?

This is the openSUSE forums, your better off to try at

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I’m afraid not. There is ConsoleOne for Linux but no subtable snapins for Zen in Linux.

Also have a look here :10099478: Managing ZENworks 7 Desktop Management in a Linux environment

As a workaround use VirualBox or VMWare to setup a (minimal) XP vm so you can run these tools from within Linux or RDP to a Windows workstation/server that has ConsoleOne when needed (so you don’t have to dual boot).
For other tasks imo iManager 2.7 works much faster than ConsoleOne, have a look at the local workstation version for Linux.

Won’t do you good with Zen 7 or lower, but the newest version of ZenWorks (ZCM 10 and higher) has a full web based management making the client os irrelevant.


But I don`t want Windows. :frowning:

Seriously though, thanks for the info Magic.