Console Login - Upon StartUp


I am not able to get a console login upon startup in opensuse.
In OSes like Mandriva, we can disable GUI login, so upon bootup you get a black screen with a login prompt.

Any ideas?


I suppose you could try to disabling xdm from starting automatically:

chkconfig xdm off

trying that right now…

Nope…not working . i did that twice, once thru yast and once manually thru a console.
The green screen / login screen still comes up…

You could try booting into runlevel 3. At the openSUSE boot screen add ‘3’ to the boot options like this

You edit the /etc/inittab file to replace the following 5 with a 3;

# The default runlevel is defined here

While your there, if you don’t want extra VT’s (ctrl+alt+F1-6) edit the
section starting

# getty-programs for the normal runlevels

I normally only use two these days, so rem out 3-6.

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Thanx bro. Dumb of me, i should have thought of that. I need to wean of the Mandriva Control Center…

… Google tells me that this option is also available via yast…

[FONT=Verdana]yast->system->runlevel editor->expert mode
there under were you select the simple and expertmode is an option to set the runlevel after booting.

When you boot in runlevel 3 you can use the "startx command to start X[/FONT].

Just added that here for the next newbie…

startx is not enabled for the user now, you need to be root and run
init 5.

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On 03/11/2011 05:15 PM, malcolmlewis wrote:
> startx is not enabled for the user now, you need to be root and run
> init 5.

but, don’t become root and do startx (because that will have you IN
the GUI as root…something which is not at all wise, and should be

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Using yast, i edited the runlevel to 3 ( using expert mode ).
After the bootup is over, i get a console login.

If i do choose to login, i can then use ‘startx’ to get my desktop environment up ( in my case LXDE).

@MarcoMeswara: are you running 11.4?

@malcolmlewis: Hi Malcom. Are you sure about this? Is this only in 11.4? So I can only start X as a normal user if I boot straight to the DE?
It seems odd, even dangerous, if I can’t start X from console - for example after installing video drivers or troubleshooting something. :confused:

Yup, startx isn’t enabled in 11.4, I think there is a config to change
somewhere. I just use init 5 && exit.

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i am running 11.3.

There’s a reason, I’m sure, but…

Duh, I can start X as root then login as a normal user in kdm/gdm/whatever.
I’m not thinking straight :slight_smile:

a reason… hmmmm…

another thing about opensuse that bothers me is that there is no ready made rc.local script that you can use to auto execute commands upon complete system bootup.
well that’s life i suppose,…cant have everything… no startx , no rc.local

AFAIK /etc/init.d/after.local can do that. You may need to create the file first and give it executable permissions (chmod +x /etc/init.d/after.local)

Hi Marco.

Have same problem but have solved it for now by entering: “nomodesetx11” on the initial boot screen.



Will try your tip out.

Apparently ‘nomodeset’ allows X to take over control of the GUI from the kernel. I will test this out by adding it to grub.

I had no problem getting startx working.

You have to create a ~/.xinitrc file:

$: nano ~/.xinitrc

put in whatever launches your session:

exec start-lxde (or whatever it is)

save and startx!

EDIT: You can also play with starting your session with dbus, example for OpenBox:

exec ck-launch-session openbox-session