console-kit-daemon not automatically starting and hindering kdm

I just reinstalled 11.1 and kdm does not function, the login screen
shows but logging in just reloads the kdm screen.

Googling I discovered it was because console-kit-daemon had not started

  • so if I kill kdm, run console-kit-daemon then restart kdm it’s fine

Question - how/where is it suposed to load? I added it to rc.2 but then
I couldn’t even atl+ctl+f1 to console


Suse 11.1 x64, Kde 4.2.1, Opera 10.x weekly

… may I add that this is currently our main annoyance with 11.1’s login. Our systems also refuse to start console-kit-daemon automatically, rendering the login screen merely into a firewall!
No trace in boot.msg nor /var/log/messages nor wherever I’ve looked into.
Running it as root from another ssh session works, but that’s not as it should be, you know…

Where the heck is that console-kit-daemon supposed to be started? Where must I add its “–debug” switch to see its failure’s real reason?

Thanks for any hint…

bci wrote:

> console-kit-daemon
I found these (none of which worked for me)

though a new install of 11.1 did work

Suse 11.1 x64, Kde 4.2.1, Opera 10.x weekly