Console font not properly set

I don’t use plymouth and I’ve changed the default console font to ter-216n.psfu (Terminus) in yast: /etc/sysconfig Editor (Hardware > Console > CONSOLE_FONT). However it doesn’t show up early at boot (probably when initrd starts). In Arch it is easily done by adding “consolefont”]( hook to /etc/mkinitcpio.conf and re-creating initrd. Is something similar possible in OpenSUSE? Moreover my chosen font doesn’t show up at shutdown, hibernate. When the system is booted, i can see terminus being set on all virtual consoles except tty1. So can I make it like in Arch where I got the font set in all cases providing me with nice unified console output without constant switching from the default font the the custom one?

Actually I just checked hibernate output uses terminus only wake from hibernation not…