Considering Leap 42.1

Due to the NVIDIA driver problem I may need to re-install Suse, I was using 13.2 on a 64 bit pc, is Leap 42.1 actually better or is it heavier in resources use ? also, I only see a download link, is it the same for both 32bit and 64bit (the one I need) ?

Leap is only 64 bit NO 32 bit

You don’t have to reinstall to fix the proble with NVIDIA

boot to terminal run yast uninstall the GO4 driver and install the GO3 should fix the problem it is the GO4 that is broken

sytem broke down bad, don’t know why, for the card I have, (Geoforce 980) the G04 it’s suppose to be the driver to use.

The last update appears to have broken the G04 drivers dropping back should work maybe not sure if the 9XX chips work with GO3 but probably do in an case until they fix the GO4 update it is broken